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Crystal Sawyer – Lady of The Harp

Crystal Sawyer – Lady of The Harp

Crystal is a multi-talented freelance harpist. Whether she performs solo, in ensembles, and orchestras throughout south Florida and beyond. Collaborating with a lot of the jazz and classical musicians, dancers, choreographers, poets, and even visual artists. While she plays several instruments, it’s the harp that inspires her the most!

She has founded and directed harp ensembles for children in addition to maintaining a private studio as well. Her future holds a lot of goals. Which includes creating a Lady of Harp Academy that will provide a safe harp/music positive space for children. Starting in the surrounding communities in South Florida. Giving children a chance to learn music and play a variety of instruments.

Healing Projects – Healing Through Music

She’s also involved with working with the local communities doing performances which she refers to as “Healing Projects” whether it’s senior citizens venues or local reiki circles. She provides a variety of different styles of music. On the larger She also has appeared at Buskerfest, Make Music Miami, as well as performing with the New Canon Chamber Collective. And yes, she does a lot of weddings!

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