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Christone “Kingfish” Ingram – Video of the Week

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram – Don’t Let The Devil Ride

Christone  is a musical prodigy and going places. Like many young musicians growing up in the south, Kingfish gets exposure to music at an early age in church. The gospel choirs and backing bands really inspired him, and he picked up the drums at age 6. He switched to bass but would eventually settle on the electric guitar by the time he hit 14.

Christone’s Influences

Christone’s influences cover a wide spectrum, but the blues will always have a special home in his heart. He draws inspiration from Muddy Waters and B.B. King and infuses them with his love of Jimi Hendrix’s heavier rock.

Where does this love of blues come from? Well, it may stem from a family of musicians who have been exposing him to music for his whole life.  It may also be the fact that he was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

It’s noted that the great grandfather of blues Robert Johnson is rumored to have sold his soul to the devil. He exchanged his soul for god-like music abilities. So, maybe Kingfish inherited leftover blues voodoo chops.

Either way, for starting out at such a young age, at 18 years old, he has branched out with his musical palate, exploring jazz, funk, and rock music. When you see him play, there is a mature touch and tone to his playing that surpasses his age.

This way of playing is something that cannot necessarily be taught but is inherited and in one’s blood and soul.  This is someone who will continue to pop up and will definitely make a big impact on blues music in the near future!  Be sure to check back next week and see what new video’s we have for you!

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