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Chet Atkins – Video of The Week!

Chet Atkins – Hailing from Luttrell, Tennessee, he grew up from humble beginnings. Living with his mom, he starts out playing a ukulele. Later moving on to the fiddle and eventually trading an old pistol and some chores for a guitar.

After a while, he purchases a semi-acoustic electric guitar and amp. The only problem is that there was no electricity where he lived. So, he would walk into town with his equipment and would plug-in and play wherever he could.  

Starting in the music industry, Chet Atkins works his way up from low playing radio gigs to a recording artist. Furthermore, as a noted record producer, becomes one of the most prolific record producers in history.

While working on on Music Row in Nashville, Chet discovers and signs many talented artists as Vice President of RCA.  Later with the help of a few others, he ushers in the movement which later becomes known as the “Nashville Sound.”

Atkins goes on to become one of the best guitarists in the business during this time! Besides being a musical genius when it came to performing and playing the guitar. He also works and produces a lot of other musicians music and songs to help them out in the music business. To us, he will always be a true guitar legend!

His influences 

While he didn’t have his own style developed yet until 1939. He happens across a musician named Merle Travis on the radio and finally realizes the path he wants to follow.

Furthermore, Atkins didn’t want to imitate anyone’s style but instead he chooses to expand on it by using his right-hand style to include picking with his first three fingers, with the thumb on bass.

Others influences include Les Paul, Jerry Reed, George Barnes and Django Reinhardt mainly because they shaped him and inspired him creatively.

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