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CARL PERKINS – Photo of the Week

CARL PERKINS – Photo of the Week

Carl Perkins. His influences were all over the board when it came to playing his guitar and recording songs! For example, one of his influences is bluegrass legend Bill Monroe. Some of those old songs [of his] are so close to rockabilly it’s scary,” he said. He was also right on track with Presley in the synthesis of rock and roll from homegrown elements as well.

Furthermore, one thing he would do is watch the audience to see what their reactions would be during different songs. Perkins kept re-shaping the loosely structured songs until he completes the composition. To him, it was a great way to springboard his music. Once, he gets the reaction he wants, it would get on paper. Once Perkins heard Elvis performing a Bill Monroe track, on the radio, he not only knew what to call his music. He knew that there was a record company person who finally understood it. Someone who would be willing to take a gamble on promoting it.

The man for the job is none other than Sam Phillips and the record company “Sun Records”. Needless, to say although he thinks his music is great, the labels? Not so much! Lucky for him, in December 1955, he wrote the song that would become his signature rockabilly track “Blue Suede Shoes.” Elvis records it and the rest is history. 

Other notable tracks include Honey Don’t, “Jive After Five”, “Rockin’ Record Hop”, “Levi Jacket (And a Long Tail Shirt)”, “Pop, Let Me Have the Car”, “Pink Pedal Pushers”, “Any Way the Wind Blows”, “Hambone”, “Pointed Toe Shoes”, “Sister Twister”, “L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E” and many others! 

Photo of the Week

So, this picture shows off Carl Perkins putting it on paper – Looking all swaged out while showing off the sheet music for his song Pink Pedal Pushers! It’s circa 1950s. 

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Credits: Carl Perkins – E9EE7M – Alamy

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