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Butterfield – Driftin’ Blues

Paul Butterfield – Driftin’ Blues

Butterfield had it all! With the voice, and amazing harp playing. Muddy Waters once said that he’s the 2nd best harp player next to Little Walter. He’s definitely in the high echelons of blues harp greatness! But what we have here is a man that truly had the blues in his soul! 

The Song Driftin’ Blues

In addition, his stormy musical sound and respect for the blues was a major catalyst in bringing electric Chicago blues to white audiences. It’s no surprise that he and his band left quite an impression among some of the more popular with the festival circuits. The Paul Butterfield Band’s music was eclectic and teetering on the edge of blues rock, psychedelia, jazz, and even Indian classical music. Sometimes when he plays live shows, you never knew where he’s going once, he starts playing for a live audience and for how long! 

As for the song itself? It’s a cover of Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers who originally made it a hit. But also, the band to jam with at the time! And it’s just not a favorite cover for Butterfield, but also Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Chuck Berry, Bobby “Blue” Band but also many more! While we like the different covers of the song, this one always stands out as a favorite! But while he may be gone, his musical legacy continues to live on…

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