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BUDDY GUY – Video of the Week

BUDDY GUY – My Time After A while (1969)

What can we say? We love Buddy Guy as well as the other Buddy as in Buddy Miles, all we can say about this video is INTENSE! This is the perfect elixir to watch after a hard long day at work.  Rounding out this musical bliss with Jack Bruce, Chris Mercer, and Dick Hekstall-Smith on the sax, adding their two cents into the mix! From what I can find, this is from a performance they did for Supershow – The last Jam of the 60s, which eventually became available on DVD and a few places on YouTube. 

Supershow – The Amazing Jam Session

To be able to go back to this day, just to witness such a great performance of musical royalty. Normally flying is the only way. Lucky for us we can find stuff like this now on social media. So, apparently this is a concert that takes place in a warehouse in the late sixties circa 1969.  Featuring Colosseum, Stephen Stills, Buddy Miles, Jack Bruce, Roland Kirk, the Modern Jazz Quartet, and many others. There’s no commentary, adding to the atmosphere with simple small talk here and there. Led Zeppelin also is left off the DVD. But later appears on Led Zeppelin DVD in 2003.

Most of these performers, even the ‘big names’ like Stills and Clapton, were still relatively new on the scene. A perfect situation for ways to pad their musical portfolio. It was also an era where superstars attempted to form supergroups, such as Stills’ earlier excursion with Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper on ‘Super Session’ in 1968.  In the video below is Buddy Guy and the rest of the gang performing a song about a girl named Mary who happens to have a pet lamb. Enjoy!

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