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Buddy Guy – Photo of the Week

Buddy Guy – Photo of the Week

Buddy Guy – Photo of the Week. First off, any day is a great day when it comes to Buddy Guy! The Queen’s Hall starts off life as Hope Park Chapel in 1823. (Later becoming the church of Newington and St Leonard’s) and continues as a place of worship until 1976.

The closure coincides with a search by the Scottish Baroque Ensemble (now the Scottish Ensemble), The Scottish Philharmonic Singers and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for performance and rehearsal premises.

Furthermore, an appeal launches in 1977 and after raising £850,000 to convert the church to a concert hall. Next, The Queen’s Hall is officially opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II on 6 July 1979. Since then, the building has been home to a different form of worship – to great music performed by world-class artists.

Live at The Queen’s Hall

Seriously, to be a fly on the wall and see Buddy Guy perform in such an iconic venue. Priceless! What we do know about this photo is that it’s captured live by photographer Derek Copland circa 1987. Even then, Buddy Guy was one smooth operator when it came to the blues! Enjoy!

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Credits: 1987 Location: Queens Hall Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – Buddy Guy, Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Alamy stock photo /Contributor: Derek Copland: 

Alamy Image ID: GJ1KE7 /

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