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Buddy Guy – 1969 Stormy Monday Blues

Buddy Guy – 1969 Stormy Monday Blues

Buddy guy, blues giant with another musical giant, Roland Kirk! This IS the blues! I find this particular performance so interesting because Guy hypes up the solo for Roland Kirk. Leads him in and Roland passes it off to the organ player. Roland is the conductor when he plays in a band.

I’ve wondered if this is Roland’s way of taking control of the group by disobeying the direction Buddy lays.  As you listen to this beautiful musical masterpiece, you may wonder why Buddy’s guitar is so low. Usually, it because some blues is loud, gritty, and in your face and then there’s some blues that’s tender, mellow and laidback.  Ok, really it’s because its a show of respect to the other artists, especially when it comes to the jazz and blues.

The Line-up

Buddy Guy, Jack Bruce, Roland Kirk, Jimmy Hope & Ron Burton Supershow Live, Uk 1969 “Stormy Monday Blues”. Enjoy!

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