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Bring in the Eggsperts!

KTBA Donates Eggspert Game System  to Chatham Middle School!

Siler Park, NC This week, Keeping The Blues Alive was able to fund a classroom management project by allocating the funds raised from your weekly donations! Mr. Luke, one of the music teachers at Chatham Middle School, has a strong passion for creating a stable learning environment for his students.

KTBA Donation Story

[quote align=”center” color=”#1e61b3″]”My students are coming from a rough place. They have seen more music teachers in the past few years than they should see over the course of their K-12 education. I am working to provide them a safe haven in my room, where they don’t have to worry about someone with whom they’ve built a relationship up and leaving them at the drop of a hat.”[/quote]
Amongst all the many changes the students have been through, this one should be way more appealing.  Mr. Luke decided to try a buzzer system to have fun with new learning material in the classroom. The Wireless Eggspert system is a wireless remote-operated buzzer system that teachers can use to engage students in question and answer format.   While Mr. Luke is monitoring and lecturing his class on the finer points of songwriting, music theory, and note recognition, he can engage students as they work in groups.

The Eggspert system also has a randomization feature for selecting which group should respond.  The product is one of many learning tools patented by a company called Educational Insights, a Southern California-based manufacturing company who prides themselves on making learning fun for kids! Mr. Luke elaborates,

[quote align=”center” color=”#1e61b3″]“I plan to use ‘Eggspert’ in activities that work on music fundamentals. These include rhythm reading, rhythm writing, standard notation, naming notes, note values, vocabulary, etc. That means I’ll be talking less, and my students will be writing, reading, and analyzing music! They will also be working on team skills and building relationships with their peers.”[/quote]

The wireless model is very beneficial because his classroom is too large to accommodate exposed wires and cables. Eggspert is a fun and engaging supplemental tool that takes the monotonous routine of traditional classroom teacher-student etiquette and turns it into a colorful, active game.  These students will become better peers amongst each other, which makes learning much more fun for everyone.  This always translates well in the music classroom because it reinforces teamwork. If you would like to participate in the next weekly donation drive, click here to make a small contribution!


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