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Brandi Carlile – Over The Top Performance

Brandi Carlile – Over The Top Grammy Performance

The 61st Annual Grammy’s honors music’s biggest stars.  For the 61st Annual not only did take place in Los Angeles but they also made a lot of changes. One major change from the previous years is the number of nominees going from five to eight.  Another is more diversity among the nominees. 

As for this particular Grammy Awards the changes were great and there are a lot of bells & whistles to boot.  While most of us actually watch the whole ceremony, I usually tend to have it on and just tend to pay attention to the performances. 

While there are a lot of great performances, only one stood out for me and that is Brandi Carlile’s performance.  Although I’ve heard of her, I never realized how completely talented she is until this performance.  

Brandi Carlile – The Artist

First, she’s a multiple Grammy award winning singer-songwriter and producer whose music spans multiple genres. Second, she’s the most nominated woman at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (six) including nominations for “Album of the Year (By the Way, I Forgive You)”, “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year (“The Joke”)”.  

With this particular performance, she took us to church and blew the roof off as well.  So, even if you’re not into Americana, Alt-Country, Rock etc. Most will appreciate what she’s bringing to the table. As a singer alone, she can definitely stand on her own and tell any story she chooses to.  For more information check out her website:

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