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Boz Scaggs – Loan Me A Dime

Boz Scaggs – Loan Me A Dime

Boz Scaggs. Nothing like a slow blues song to peak one’s emotions and bring people together. Such is the case with the song “Loan Me A Dime” originally written by Fenton Robinson in 1967. In the same way that Fenton wrote the song, Boz and Duane Allman take to the next level on their versions. By recording it and stretching the original version to highlight the session players. Even more, the beginning of the song with the keyboards, really sets the tone for the rest of the track. While this is only Scaggs and his band, you still get the bluesy vibes with the performance.

As a result, it’s a hit for Skaggs, and for Duane Allman. On this version, Scaggs just takes you on a deep soulful journey. I stand in awe watching this performance by Skaggs and his band. No doubt that this is an amazing song. I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall during the Muscle Shoals recordings. You feel the pathos in his performance while watching this video. He puts his heart and soul into his music and we, the listeners are the recipients of such a great gift. 

Other Accomplishments to Mention

Lastly, I have to say that I’ve been a fan of Boz Scaggs for a long time but to this day, “Silk Degrees” still holds a special place in my heart as a favorite album. With the track’s Lido, It’s Over and of course Lowdown. Another one would be “Out of the Blues from 2015. All I’m going to say is that with all the ways we can now listen to music, embrace the new stuff but also show some love to all the great music you grew up on as well. Enjoy!

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Credits: Video – TheTroubleBoys & Rod Ray – Loan Me A Dime

Image: Video screen shot 

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