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Blues Traveler is an American rock band that formed in Princeton, New Jersey in 1987. The band’s music spans a variety of genres, including blues rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock, soul, and Southern rock.  Looking to dabble in some Blues Traveler music? Here’s a few recommended tracks for you:

“But Anyway” – Blues Traveler

The lead track from the band’s first album is an excellent introduction to the band. It’s an epic jam, and a great entry into the wonderful blues harp playing of Mr. John Popper. Pretty sweet guitar riffing as well.

“Run-Around” – Four:

The hit that made the band’s name. Featuring highly melodic harmonica playing. Along with a smooth, grabbing progression of major chords, and an enchanting melody all make this song a killer hit. It hit #8 on the Billboard charts and helped the band win a Grammy award in the category of “Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group”.

“Hook” – Four:

“Hook” was the immediate follow-up to their hit “Run-Around”, and it might be even better. The “Rap / fast singing” portion of the songs is a definite highlight by the band. The lyrics, about the art of crafting commercial music, are witty as well.

“Carolina Blues” – Straight On Till Morning

While, Straight On Till Morning didn’t find the commercial success that its predecessor Four did. The lead single, the gritty, rocking “Carolina Blues” wins a place in our hearts anyway. Why? Because it’s a brawny blues-rock bash that really pumps you up in the live setting.

“Mountain Cry” – Travelers and Thieves

“Mountain Cry” – Travelers and Thieves – A sprawling 9-minute-long track. Furthermore, “Mountain Cry” burrows deep into the band’s blues-rock and psychedelic leanings. There’s lots of great harmonica and guitar jamming on this one.

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