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Blues Highlight of The Week – Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino

This week’s Blues Highlight features two extraordinary singer-songwriters hailing from Ontario and Toronto.  What makes them so special is not only their singing and songwriting skills but the way they interpret the songs.  I started out just writing about Cat Clyde but happened upon Jeremie’s music along the way.  I decided that since this is the blues highlights, I would write about both of them.  

Cat Clyde – A fresh take on the classic sounds

First up is Cat Clyde, hailing from Stratford, Ontario, She has A fresh take on the classic sounds of yesteryear; breathing new life into the velvety vocal, tack-piano, slide-guitar-style that can instantly walk you through the swinging doors of a packed saloon.  Her influences range from Etta James, Patsy Cline, Cab Calloway, Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin and Lead Belly. Her haunting soulful voice will take you on an emotional journey. 

She has a unique musical style that has elements of folk, blues, soulful jazz and some country twang.  She has two albums out, her debut, Ivory Castanets and Hunters Trance which just came out on June 14th.  She’ll be touring the states and then she heads off to Europe for several dates.  Her music and vocals are like a fine glass of Kentucky bourbon. Just sweet and silky smooth with just enough spice to make you pay attention.   For more info, click here:

Jeremie Albino – Soul Stirring Vocals

There’s no counting the worlds Jeremie Albino has travelled to get to where he is today.  There is no telling where he might head to next. Born and raised in the bright and booming metropolis of Toronto. But his heart led him out of the city and into Prince Edward County. This is where country living and working on farms gave him the time and space to hone his songwriting skills.

His music nods to all manner of troubadours who rambled down similar paths throughout history—he nods slyly to the legendary blues singers who inspired him, offers a soft and insightful touch with his folk songs, and stomps and swaggers through soulful rock ‘n’ roll. Furthermore, Jeremie Albino is a natural and an original, created by an alchemy that favors, above all else, that most mysterious and coveted of qualities: heart.  His vocals are very reminiscent of John Fogerty.  For more info on him, check out his web-site:

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