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Albert King Stevie Ray Vaughan In Session

In Session With Albert King And Stevie Ray Vaughan


History was made on December 6th, 1983, as the Canadian television show In Session brought together the smoldering talents of two true blues legends for one outstanding performance. The legends, of course, were none other than the seasoned Albert King and the up-and coming giant of blues rock, Stevie Ray Vaughan! This particular genius episode of this musical series would end up becoming the only known of recording of King and Vaughan performing together. Now, with that in mind, the entire session came close to being called off! King was at first not willing to do the show as he was unfamiliar with just whom this other, much younger guitarist was (Vaughan had only released just released his debut album a few months prior). It wasn’t until the elder bluesman realized that Vaughan was none other than the skinny young kid (“Little Stevie” as King recalls) who used to hang about back in the 70’s for a chance to sit in with his heroes that he happily agreed to do the show. The resulting collaboration was nothing short of magnificent. The two bluesman compliment each other perfectly as King leaves Vaughan plenty of room to rock the house just as Vaughan respectfully reigns his playing back to allow his hero room to strut. As this was whole bluesy affair was recorded for broadcast, it was only a matter of time before this one of a kind performance was thankfully released. Christened In Session, King and Vaughan’s immensely enjoyable team-up was released as a CD in August of 1999 and was followed just over a decade later on DVD with the entire concert enclosed. For anyone whom considers themselves a fan of the blues, or either of these legendary artists, do yourself a favor and experience the music that they made together.

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