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Blues at Bonnaroo with B.B.

Blues at Bonnaroo with B.B.

Playing Blues at Bonnaroo with B.B.! On June 14, 2008, something special happens in Manchester, Tennessee. B. B. King performs at the 2008 Bonnaroo Music Festival. It’s an annual festival that draws over 80,000 fans for four days of performances on a Tennessee farm. So, you can see, this picture says it all, B.B. is tearing up the stage and having a blast!

Not saying that Blues hasn’t been played at this festival before, of course it has. But what’s awesome is that such an icon and one of the three kings is performing at it! How rad is this? Well, trust me, B.B. gave them a show! Check out the setlist below as well as this 40 second YouTube video clip from his performance from the performance. You can hear the excitement!

The Setlist!

Starting off with “Let the Good Times Roll” which is a Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five cover. Shortly after, he performs an Aaron ‘Pinetop’ Sparks cover of “Every Day I Have The Blues.” Next up is “Blues Man” with a U2 cover of “When Loves Comes To Town.” Along with “All Over again”, You Are My Sunshine (a Jimmy David cover) and “Nobody Loves Me but My Mother”. Add a classic Johhny Moore’s Three Blazers cover “How Blue Can You Get?” Along with “Rock Me Baby”, The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins cover) and “Guess Who”. 

While B.B. may have left this earth. He was gracious enough to leave a beautiful musical legacy that will inspire many generations to come. So, keep this in mind, see your favorite artists live when you can and share these experiences with others. That’s how important it is to keep the blues going. Enjoy!

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Credits: B.B. King Video – The official B.B. King YouTube Channel: Click Here!

Video Snippet: Matt Frazier Video

Photo Credit: Alamy – #BKNACD

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