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Blood Harmony Latest From Larkin Poe

Blood Harmony – New Music From Larkin Poe

New Album By Larkin Poe

Check out Larkin Poe’s latest endeavor that they are sharing from the upcoming album. Furthermore, their first single “Blood Harmony’, is a truly soulful and uplifting tune. Which also happens to be a tribute to their mom and a great phone conversation that they had. As Rebecca recalls, that she made the memory/conversation into the title track because it was such a wonderful, rare moment that the three of them had spent together. 


Blood Harmony is their sixth studio album, and it arrives via their own Tricki-Woo Records on Friday, November 11. Also, Pre-orders are available now, including limited edition magenta vinyl, CD, cassettes, and more. Larkin Poe co-produced the album alongside musician Tyler Bryan, Rebecca’s husband. With Megan on harmony vocals, lap steel, and resonator and Rebecca on guitar and keys! Joining them is their live band, which they say is a “creative step that they are proud to have taken together as sisters.” 

“And it still feels like just the beginning. Blood Harmony is a creative step we are proud to have taken together as sisters. We grew these songs in a sweet part of our hearts and we hope they bring beauty.” – Larkin Poe

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