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Blondie – Photo of The Week!

Blondie – Photo of The Week!

Blondie. What is so special about their music? Singer-songwriter Harry, guitarist and co-writer Chris Stein, powerhouse drummer Clem Burke and their bandmates in Blondie are undeniable pop icons, their sound and sensibility as fresh as when they first topped the charts in the late 1970s. Performing at the iconic CBGB’s, other bands didn’t really consider them punk. Seriously, they didn’t care! They still tore up the stage with their performances there.

That’s what made this band so cool back in the day and still today they’re still a band. In fact, I think they were a group that could easily fit into any musical situation with a flip of a switch. Also, they didn’t pigeonhole themselves into a specific category. Just another band that was into so many styles they could easily fit into any kind of live performance. This is a stock photo from 1977 of singer Debbie Harry.

What’s been going since?

Pretty much, the band has been working on their own projects and group projects as well. The Pollinator album in 2017, their 11th studio album. Some photo books, a graphic novel and the latest “BLONDIE: VIVIR EN LA HABANA” which presents a meditation on this formative trip, showcasing highlights from the two-night live musical performances, as well as unique, intimate behind-the-scenes moments captured throughout their time in Havana.

“When this opportunity came up, I could not imagine not documenting it. I knew it was going to be special somehow,” explains Director Rob Roth. “We were there for a short period of time, but we managed to pack in some really beautiful moments, and authentic interactions with people. Which is what the title of the film is all about: being ALIVE in Havana, not just living there. So for me the music, the live performances, watching all the Cuban people enjoy life, and the expressions on their faces…that is being ALIVE.”  For more news about the band, check out their web-site 

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