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Billy Bizor – Video of The Week

Billy Bizor – Lightnin’ Hopkins – Video of The Week

Billy Bizor. The blues revival of the 1960’s allows the spotlight to finally falls on performers like Bizor. Otherwise obscure harpist best known in conjunction with his recordings in support of his cousin, the renowned Lightnin’ Hopkins. Bizor dwells in almost total obscurity prior to the 1960’s, developing a spare, haunting sound largely unaffected by the passage of time, making him a prime candidate for rediscovery by purists.

Among his first recordings are a series of early 1960’s dates backing Hopkins. Mostly between 1968 and 1969. Bizor cut his only solo session in Houston with producer Roy Ames, revealing him to be an intense, emotionally charged singer.

Blowing My Blues Away

Eventually it comes out as ‘Blowing My Blues Away’. Tragically, Bizor himself never sees the recordings come to light before passing at 55. Billy is a cousin of Lightning Hopkins and appears on several Lightning Hopkins albums. He uses several different spellings of his name, Biser, Bizer, often spelling differently on older recordings.

Seriously, there are no words to explain how Billy Bizor taps into his zone. He just allows the blues to take over.  Furthermore, it’s some rather intense blues! Plus, nobody can bend that harp like Billy does and very few can play guitar like lightnin’ does.

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