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Bernie Marsden – Video of The Week

Bernie Marsden – Video of The Week

Bernie Marsden – Video of The Week. I’ll Play the Blues for You’ is the latest video from Bernie Marsden. Marsden aka guitar legend gives us a sneak peek into the latest #1 Blues album, ‘Kings’. Furthermore, it’s his first solo album in 7 years and is the first in a vibrant series of ‘Inspirations’ albums. By way of via Conquest Music.

The Inspiration!

Inspired by a late-night conversation with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons about influences and heroes. Excited by the conversation, Bernie creates the ‘Inspirations’ series. It’s a series to showcase the rich veins of music of those who inspired him during his formative years. In ‘Kings’, Bernie turns the spotlight on the three Kings, who bestrode the Blues like giants. Freddie, Albert, and B.B King.

The Result?

“Bernie Marsden puts on a bravura display of guitar brilliance on this album that he is clearly born to make.” reports Decibel Report. And no wonder, “Bernie Marsden has the spirit of the Blues running through him like Blackpool through a stick of rock,” said Blues matters.

By listening to this 10-track album, you’ll find Blues jewels by the three Kings given fresh, polish and shine. As well as Bernie’s own masterly skills, honed over five decades as one of the world’s finest Blues Rock artists. Deftly chosen tracks like Albert King’s ‘Don’t You Lie to Me’, Freddie King’s ‘Help Me Through the Day’. Also B.B. King’s ‘Help the Poor’ gets a refreshing reinterpretation.

But Wait There’s More!

What’s more, two Bernie Marsden-penned instrumentals inspired by the Kings appear as bonus tracks on the album. Watch the video and from the very first, you’ll hear Bernie’s effortlessly cool and expressive guitar skills, and vocals, perfectly matched to the aptly named track, ‘I’ll Play the Blues for You.’ And play the Blues, he surely does!

Kings’ is now available to download and stream on all digital platforms and to buy in shops. Download/Stream here:

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