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Bernard Allison – Video Artist of the Week

Bernard Allison – Burnin’ Up The Blues!

What’s better than listening to the blues? Watching live video’s of the best in blues!  This week we want to showcase an amazing blues master that comes from a legacy of Blues. Bernard Allison, an amazing guitarist proving that the apple didn’t fall from the tree. While adding his own embellishments to his style, he takes what he learned to new heights and beyond!

At  Zappa, Tel-Aviv

While toting the same smokin’ six string shooter that his late father, Luther Allison, assaulted the blues with. He’s also blessed with his father’s soulful voice, spiritual devotion, and musical freedom that allows him to experiment with the blues. Furthermore, we find him playing “Dust My Broom” with The Blues Rebels. Particularly, we chose this video because it really highlights his guitar playing. This just proves that he learned a lot about playing the blues while on stage with his dad at a young age. 

Ann Arbor Blues Festival, Aug 16, 2019

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary Ann Arbor Blues Festival, Bernard pays homage to the late great Jimi Hendrix! Considering that when this performance takes place, it’s also an anniversary for for Woodstock. Can we say coming full circle on a few things?  Plus it’s a great performance by Bernard! Enjoy…

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