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Bela Fleck – Photo of the Week

Bela Fleck – Photo of the Week

Bela Fleck – Photo of the Week. While for some this week’s artists isn’t as well known. But for others, who love jazz, fusion, and other genres some may recognize him. For the people at the Montreux Jazz festival, he’s the guy that performs with Rory Gallagher live on stage during the 1994 Montreux happening July 12th, 1994. 

Performing With Rory Gallagher

During Rory Gallagher’s set, Fleck is pushed on stage to jam with Rory. Without even knowing any of his material, he has to think fast on what to do. Lucky for him, he’s a season musician that knows how to keep things going by improvising. Now mind you this beautiful chaos is happening on stage in Montreux. Fleck isn’t familiar with a lot of his music, but is blown away saying after, “He’s a dynamo and we had an amazing jam. I became an instant fan!” The mutual admiration between the two is evident. Also, in this jam/medley are the classics “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “Amazing Grace”. Mark Feltham is also performing on harmonica.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Béla Fleck, there are some who say he’s the world’s premier banjo player. Others claim that Béla has virtually reinvented the image and the sound of the banjo through a remarkable performing and recording career that has taken him all over the musical map and on a range of solo projects and collaborations.

If you are familiar with Béla, you know that he just loves to play the banjo, often reimagining it in unique settings. The 15-time Grammy Award winner has been nominated in more categories than any other artist in Grammy history, and remains a powerfully creative force globally in bluegrass, jazz, classical pop, rock and world beat. For more information about this amazing artists check out his site:

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