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BB King-Bobby Blue Bland – Video of The Week

BB King-Bobby Blue Bland – Video of The Week

BB King-Bobby Blue Bland. Definitely a dynamic duo and a force to be reckon with when these two hit the stage together. Playing and singing the blues like no one else. Furthermore, placing the bar pretty high for others to abide by. Look how they follow and feed off of each other, no practice here folks! Just pure natural soulful blues that easily gets under skin and just reels you in.   

As a result, with BB on Lucille and Bobby on vocals, these two really know how complement each other’s talents. Plus, Bobby’s vibrant personality adds to the fun of this performance. He’s singing with a lot of passion and joy while managing to still hit on the ladies. Also, B.B. King’s playing is also on point. When watching this performance, I kept thinking why is this crowd so quiet and calm? Eventually it hits me that this performance is being taped in front of a live audience for an album or a live DVD release. Eventually, I saw the full performance and it’s just magical. Although the DVD is no longer available, you can probably still find a few floating around on the internet. Or find the full performance on YouTube somewhere. The DVD is called Bobby Bland & B.B. King Together Again Live. Enjoy!

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