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B.B. King- WDIA – Photo of The Week

B.B. King- WDIA – Photo of The Week

B.B. King before becoming one of the three Kings of Blues, he gets his start as a radio DJ. Furthermore, he hears that WDIA in Memphis is going to be the country’s first African American radio station. With a couple dollars in his pocket, he catches the bus from West Memphis to downtown Memphis. Having no money to catch a cab, he has to walk 20 blocks to the station.

What usually happens to most of us when we’re taking a chance, is that the universe is usually against us. Such is the case this time for B.B. King because it starts pouring down rain.  Despite the chaos, he’s determined to be interviewed come hell or high water. Arriving at the studio, he’s ready to roll like B.B. King has always been able to do and heads into the interview.  Approaching the owners of the station, he asks them for an audition, and they ask him for a jingle.

Smooth Talking DJ

B.B. King states “of course” Let’s face it, after a bus ride, the downpour, and no change in his pocket, we would have said the same thing. No matter how horrible it might have been. Needless to say, he’s one smooth talker and came up with a jingle right there on the spot.

Shortly after, he’s hired and Peptikon is the product sponsor for B.B. King’s regular shows. With the smooth tone in his voice and impeccable taste in music, I think he was quite the smooth-talking DJ with many fans following his every move. Later, he becomes the great Blues guitarist traveling the world!

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