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August 2 – 8th Birthdays

August 2 – 8th Birthdays

August 2 – 8th Birthdays. This week features: Morris Dickerson, Lee Rocker, Michael Stipe, Rick Derringer, Allan Holdsworth, Magic Slim, Anton Fig, and Jimmy Witherspoon!

Morris “B.B.” Dickerson – 08/03/1949

Morris Dickerson is the bass player for the 1970s Latin–funk group War, and The Creators. Coupling a funk feel with Latin and reggae influences. Former War bassist Morris “BB” Dickerson created smoking grooves that continue to burn like a Southland heatwave.

Lee Rocker – 8/3/1961

Lee Rocker is an American double bass player. He is a member of the rockabilly revival band “Stray Cats”. He is the son of the classical clarinetists Stanley Drucker and Naomi Drucker. As a child he starts out on cello and moves on to Bass guitar.

Michael Stipe – 8/4/1960

R.E.M. founding members Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe play their first show on April 5, 1980. It’s at a friend’s birthday party in an old church in Athens, Georgia. Performing all over the world up to 2011 where they decide they need a break. Releasing fifteen albums, tours the world, wins multiple Grammys, and creates a legacy of songs that defines an era.

Rick Derringer – 8/5/1947

Guitarist/vocalist, working extensively with the brothers Edgar and Johnny Winter in the 1970’s, playing lead guitar in their bands. And producing all of their gold and platinum disc recordings. Working with Steely Dan and discovering Cyndi Lauper and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Allan Holdsworth – 08/06/1946

Holdsworth is a highly proficient and successful guitar player and composer from England. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, Holdsworth shows interest in playing jazz and pushing his playing to higher levels. Known for his mind-blowing technical abilities on the guitar, and his funky headless guitars. His musical style is jazz fusion with progressive rock. Gaining a lot of notoriety in the 80’s and into the 90’s. His knowledge of the instrument is over the top. Musicians like Zappa and Gary Moore, “proclaim that Holdsworth is one of the most advanced guitarists of his time”. 

Morris Holt AKA Magic Slim – 8/7/1937

Acclaimed Mississippi-born guitarist, singer, songwriter, and bandleader who begins to carve a niche for himself in Chicago blues. After his return to the bustling city in 1965. His first attempt to make it in The “Windy City”, alongside his friend and mentor Magic Sam. With little success in Chicago, he returns to Mississippi to sharpen his skills and form a band of his own.

Anton Fig – 08/08/1952

Anton Fig is a prolific musician that has been around music for quite some time and performs in various settings. Playing everything from hard rock and blues to gospel and jazz. Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, he gets an introduction to music at the age of four. Fig begins practicing and gigging with many rock groups to make a name for himself early on. Earning the nickname “The Thunder from Down Under”.  Anton performs with many artists, including a two-album stint with the explosive entertainers, KISS! A major part of David Letterman’s Late Show Band run by Paul Schaffer. Currently Fig performs with Joe Bonamassa and appears on a few of his albums and live performances.

Jimmy Witherspoon AKA Spoon – 8/8/1920

Jump blues and jazz singer known for his recordings of “No Rollin’ Blues”, “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”, and “Big Fine Girl”. Witherspoon’s style of blues that of the “blues shouter” becomes unfashionable in the mid-1950s. He returns to popularity with his 1959 album Jimmy Witherspoon at the Monterey Jazz Festival, which features Roy Eldridge.
As well as Woody Herman, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Earl Hines, and Mel Lewis, and many others. 

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