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The Allman Betts Band – Blues Highlights

The Allman Betts Band

Devon Allman, son of Allman Brothers frontman Greg Allman, paired up with sons of other founding Allman Brothers members to make the Allman Betts Band just three years ago. Following their acclaimed debut “Down to the River,” the band releases their second album “Bless Your Heart”. They join “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to perform “Pale Horse Rider.”

Coming together in 2017 after spending a year mourning the loss of his mother and father. Devon Allman is ready to be out in the world again. After organizing a concert at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco to honor the music and memory of his father. Founding Allman Brothers Band keyboardist and singer, Gregg Allman, and also to debut his new band, The Devon Allman Project.

A proverbial star-studded affair- with guests such as G. Love and Robert Randolph. The marathon performance also marks the beginning of a partnership with Duane Betts, son of founding Allman Brothers Band. Guitarist and singer, Dickey Betts. It’s time, in that historic venue, to pass the spirit to this next generation. It’s time to take all the lessons of the past, all their collective experiences, and make something new. What ends of happening, is that they start touring together and seeing how successful the collaboration becomes. 

Calling up their old friend Berry Duane Oakley, son of the Allman Brothers Band’s founding late bassist, Berry Oakley, and floated the idea of joining them. The trio’s musical friendship traces back to The Allman Brothers Band’s 20th anniversary summer tour in 1989 when the three first met, and often sat-in with the Rock-And-Roll Hall of Fame inductees; teenage descendants rightfully joining a rock-and-roll legacy. Needless to say, their successful in bringing all the bands together full circle. As you can see below with the recent CBS This Morning preview.

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