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ALBERT CASTIGLIA & JOANNA CONNOR  – performing “Get Your Ass In The Van” at the Sellersville Theater 9/13/17.  By now, these artists  should be household names when it comes to the Blues! As for Albert Castiglia, he gets discovered by Junior Wells in 1996 after Wells sees him performing live. Shortly after he joins Junior Wells touring band. Furthermore, he continues to work as Wells’ lead guitarist until the latter’s death in 1998. For more information on Albert, check out his web-site:   

As for Joanna Connor – Not only is Joanna an amazing guitarist but she wails to the back of house with the slightest of ease. Her music is gutsy and at times over the top, but it all comes from the heart. She’s a true blues chanteuse and takes her audience on a special journey every time she performs. An encounter with blues giant Lonnie Brooks at a club helped kicked off her amazing career in the blues. For more information on Joanna, check out her web-site:

Now, this is one good time!! You gotta hand it to Albert – it takes a lot of to put a slide on your finger when Joanna’s standing on the stage next to you. He did pretty well holding his own! 

 So sit back, relax and check out these two awesome artists as they belt out the blues…

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